Poster for the Howard Music Festival 2017.
Poster for the Howard Music Festival 2017. Contributed

'It's a kick in the guts': Howard Music Fest cancelled

IT WAS the three-day music extravaganza predicted to draw thousands into the rural town of Howard.

But with only 29 tickets sold before cancellation, president of the Burrum District Community Centre Faye Whiffin and the other volunteers feel like it's a kick in the guts.

The Howard Music Festival, a joint venture between the Community Centre and the Rotary Club of Hervey Bay City, was cancelled last week because of low ticket sales.

400 ticket sales were needed to break even.

Ms Whiffin said both Rotary and the Community Centre couldn't take the risk of continuing the festival without solid support.

She said it was "so disappointing" to see the lack of support.

"We put a lot of effort in and started planning at the end of last year," Ms Whiffin said.

"We had budgets, but without the support of the public to buy tickets it could just never work."

The September festival was set to include the likes of James Blundell, Jesse Morris Band, Brewin and Dogwood Crossing among other acts.


MUSIC FEST: James Blundell will be one of many artists to feature at Whitsunday SESsions.
MUSIC FEST: James Blundell was set to perform at the Music Festival in Howard. Contributed

Early bird prices were $125 for entry and $195 thereafter.

Ms Whiffin said the tickets were priced to help Rotary and the Community Centre recover the costs from hiring artists.

She said none of the groups expected to make a profit from the event and organised it to "establish support" for the festival.

"By the time you pay for artists, it doesn't get cheap," Ms Whiffin said.

"We tried to price it as best we could, given it was our first year... we only wanted to break even."

Ms Whiffin said the groups would revisit the idea in the future.