JOBS CRISIS: Donna Niazov of Family Friendly Carpet Cleaning is in need of staff.
JOBS CRISIS: Donna Niazov of Family Friendly Carpet Cleaning is in need of staff. John McCutcheon

'It's a nightmare': Business owner's struggle to find staff

A CLEANING business with a huge client base is set to expand but for one problem: it can't find staff.

Family Friendly Carpet Cleaning and Pest Control owner Donna Niazov said the Sunshine Coast community had been "wonderful" to her and her business but finding staff was proving impossible.

"It's a nightmare. We've been on the hunt for staff for I'd say a good two years," she said.

The business has three part-time cleaner positions available, but has had "no bites".

"We've paid God knows how much through websites like Seek and Gumtree," she said.

"We've done posts on social media. We've used employment agencies. And we just cannot find people coming through the door."

She and her husband Miki set up the business from scratch, starting with one van, and have grown to four vans as more resorts, hospitality businesses and home clients came on board.

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Ms Niazov says she knows several other business owners who are finding it impossible to fill key positions in their businesses.

In the past year three full-time staff had started, then left after doing weeks of training.

"The feedback we got from them is it's too hard, basically," she said.

Ms Niazov said the job was physical and involved pushing heavy vacuum-like machines, but the company pays cleaners $26 per hour, which is above the award wage.

"We offer really good...incentives - our motto has always been, 'the more money the team makes, the more the company makes'."

Ms Niazov changed some roles from full-time to part-time, but said it had made no difference.

"I have four vehicles on the road and I can fill them with work, but I can't because I don't have the staff," she said.

"It's seriously affecting us.

"I'm sure there's people out there who want to work but we're not finding them."