MasterChef Top 7 contestant Amy Shields.
MasterChef Top 7 contestant Amy Shields. Network Ten

It's hard to fool Heston: Amy exits MasterChef

'MISS Flames' Amy Shields is out of MasterChef after failing to deceive the judges.

The 37-year-old produced the least surprising dish in tonight's culinary deception challenge capping off a week featuring guest judge Heston Blumenthal.

Shields' magic fruit salad fell down when she couldn't make her savoury blue cheesecake look like plump plums.

"It was absolutely terrifying knowing that's what we had to do," she said.

"That's not the kind of cook I am. I had some good ideas and Heston liked my ideas, so I was encouraged to follow through but I made some really crucial technical mistakes."

But Shields hasn't shied away from Blumenthal's multi-sensory and scientific approach to food since leaving the show.

"I'm inspired to get better at that sort of thing," she said.

Shields is using her exposure as a Top 7 contestant on the show to launch her own food brand Miss Flames, inspired by the nickname she earned on the show for her red hair.

"I'm going to start off with an online presence and then will teach people to cook in their own homes and get inspired in their own kitchens," she said.

"Once I find a venue I'd like to start a small-scale catering business and eventually pop-up restaurants."

In the coming months Shields will embark on a round-the-country road trip, writing and cooking along the way.

The three-month trip will include a YouTube cooking series and travelogue cookbook.

She backs either Brent Owens or Emelia Jackson to win the show's grand final, airing on Monday, July 28.

"Brent has grown the most. He's like a sponge," she said.

"He doesn't miss a thing and he has learned so much from the chefs who have come in.

"Emelia's got this fierce determination and her food knowledge is incredible."

But they'll have to make it through finals week, which starts on Sunday.