IT'S more bad news for Channel 10 with the announcement that they've dumped family game show, Family Feud.

The show's host Grant Denyer confirmed the news this morning on his 2 Day FM radio show, Em, Grant and Ed, telling listeners that after 1200 episodes and four years the show won't be returning.

"I've got a big announcement guys, Family Feud is wrapping up."

"It's obviously been a huge success for myself and 10," he said. "We only thought we would get two years out of it."

Denyer said the Logie nominated show "rebirthed" him, after struggling to find his feet after quitting Channel 7's Sunrise. At the time, Denyer revealed his time as weather presenter on the show pushed him too hard, with doctors telling him he would die if he didn't quit.

However, the dad of two added while Family Feud was initially a ratings success for his new network, they were "probably a bit guilty for driving it into the ground."


While the show debuted to an audience of around 700 000, that number fell substantially. It recently was averaging 298 000 viewers, losing over 100 000 viewers from the Ten Eyewitness News at 5pm. The writing appeared to be on the wall last year when the show moved production from Melbourne to Sydney to save on costs.

Grant Denyer on 2 Day FM breakfast show.
Grant Denyer on 2 Day FM breakfast show.

"We gave it a bit too much. Six days a week, two episodes a day ... we might have squeezed that lemon a little bit too much," he said.

Denyer revealed he will be doing "some big new projects" for Channel 10. He added the game show host was "never the tag I liked to be honest."

It's believed the Ten is currently casting for another quiz style game show.

Grant Denyer
Grant Denyer