Murgon Magistrates Court
Murgon Magistrates Court Barclay White

Man locked up after slapping sleeping woman

A MAN who repeatedly visited his ex-partner and mother of his children in the early hours of the morning in a "highly intoxicated" state was sentenced to 15 months in jail. The 30-year-old Cherbourg man pleaded guilty in Murgon Magistrates Court to two domestic violence charges and a related wilful damage of property charge.

Police prosecutor Sergeant Greg Kapernick said the defendant, who cannot be named to protect the identity of the victims, was verbally and physically abusive when he visited his ex-partner's house.

"He was knocking on all the windows yelling 'all you mother***ers out of my house'," Sgt Kapernick said.

Sgt Kapernick said the woman was fearful for herself and her small children who were asleep in the house.

The court heard the defendant smashed his ex-partner's bedroom window and yelled "I'll be back to get into you".

In the most recent incident, Sgt Kapernick said the defendant entered the house "highly intoxicated" and slapped the woman and hit her with a pillow while she lay asleep in her bed.

Defence solicitor Tim Campion said his client's actions were "more indicative of a clumsy and perhaps inconsiderate alcoholic".

"He said he gave her a gentle slap and a gentle nudge of her hair," Mr Campion said.

"If he was a violent man, he would've punched the aggrieved."

Mr Campion said his defendant got along well with the mother of his children when they were both sober and "most offences occur when he is drunk".

Magistrate Barry Barrett told the defendant he could not and would not go unpunished.

"The intimidation on the first occasion in an intoxicated state was bad enough, but on the second occasion you slapped the aggrieved's face and hit her with a pillow and that's worse," Mr Barrett said.

"And these represent your sixth and seventh breach of that nature."

Mr Barrett sentenced the defendant to a total of 15 months imprisonment.

The man will be eligible for parole on September 24.