Matthew Spinks faced court for drug trafficking over a six-seven month period.
Matthew Spinks faced court for drug trafficking over a six-seven month period. Contributed

Jail time for young man caught dealing drugs to mates

A YOUNG man who was involved in drugs since 13-years-old broke down in tears when he was sentenced to serve jail time after trafficking marijuana to his friends.

Matthew Donald Spinks, 22, was overcome with emotion when he was ordered to spend four months in jail for supplying marijuana to a social group of 15-20 people over six to seven months.

Spinks admitted to trafficking marijuana after police searched his home and found drugs in December, 2017.

Crown prosecutor, Christine Wilson said Spinks dealt about 16 transactions a week mainly via text and made between $600-$650 per week, totalling to a gross amount of $18,200 in the trafficking period.

Police also found 225g marijuana, other drug-related items and $675 cash in the search. Ms Wilson said Spinks also breached a suspended sentence for drug possession in July, 2017.

The Moura-born man was supported in court by his mum and dad who separated when he was young.

Spinks' barrister, John Jacobs, said his client was exposed to drugs by 13-years-old, which triggered him to leave home two years later and "fall deeper" into drug use.

He also suffered depression and anxiety and was seeing a counsellor weekly.

Mr Jacobs said Spinks dealt drugs to feed his own habit, saying the profits totalled about $20 per sale and were reinvested back into his drug use.

In the last week, Spinks had made attempts to quit smoking marijuana completely.

Despite a "genuine desire" to deal with his drug issues and regular counselling, Judge Glen Cash questioned whether practical plans were in place to combat his habits.

"You have the desire to change but it's up to you to make sure you do," Judge Cash said.

Judge Cash ordered Spinks serve a two-year jail sentence, with a parole release date of August 8, to "make certain you'll break the cycle".

A conviction was recorded.