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File image. Photo: iStock.

Horror find: ‘I don’t think that’s a chicken’

A BRISBANE family is still traumatised after fishing a dead cat in a bag out of the sewer pipe that runs through their back yard.

Jindalee mum Rebecca Robinson's husband made the grisly discovery at the weekend after investigating a blockage in the inlet in their yard.

"We started getting a smell in our backyard because the main sewer line runs through our back yard," she said.

The couple have called plumbers to the property to deal with blockages in the past, and have been told the issue was tree roots.

"So my husband ordered an electric eel off eBay, then he started to pull some stuff out," Mrs Robinson said.

"First he pulled out a plastic bag, then came a carcass. Originally it looked like a chicken carcass and it came out in bits unfortunately," she said.

"As we were looking at it, I said 'I don't think that's a chicken', and my housemate said 'no, that has claws'."

"On further inspection, we realise it was possibly a kitten or a cat. And we believe it probably was in that plastic bag."

Mrs Robinson said they assumed someone had flushed the animal down a toilet for it to end up lodged in the pipe, and believe it could've come from anywhere in the 4074 suburb.

"It was horrific," she said.

"I'm hoping it was deceased before it was flushed, but obviously we don't know where it was flushed down."

Mrs Robinson said the whole family felt sick that someone could do that to an animal.

"We are all a bit traumatised. We have a nine-year-old daughter so we were trying to shelter her from that. She didn't see it, but she knew what it was," she said.

The system cleared once the cat's body was removed.

"It was really jammed and quite graphic," Mrs Robinson said.

"They're just a deranged human really. They're not quite right in the head and just disgusting really."

An RSPCA spokesman said they couldn't comment on the case if they hadn't received a complaint.

"We would encourage the person that made this upsetting discovery to contact RSPCA," he said.