John Harbison will be running for the seat of Nanango as a member of the Australian Greens. (Picture: File)
John Harbison will be running for the seat of Nanango as a member of the Australian Greens. (Picture: File)

JOBS: Candidate’s big plans for renewables, public housing

DESPITE not coming from a political background, John Harbison and The Australian Greens have bold plans to reinvigorate the Burnett economy, creating thousands of jobs.

The 61-year old environmental scientist moved into politics after working in mining, agriculture and as a hydrogeologist across rural and regional Queensland.

Mr Harbison said their big ticket items include investments in renewables and public housing.

“Under our plan, we will revive local manufacturing and create thousands of jobs for the region by investing in renewables and public housing,” he said.

“We will create genuinely free health care with more doctors, nurses and community health clinics, and fully-fund our schools with more teachers, smaller class sizes and no more fees.

“We will pay for our plans by making big corporations, banks and developers pay their fair share.”

Brisbane based environmentalist John Harbison. (Picture: Contributed)
Brisbane based environmentalist John Harbison. (Picture: Contributed)

After running for the seat of Nanango in 2017, the Brisbane based politician is optimistic investing in public housing can combat the growing crime and drug problem in the region.

Over the past two years the South Burnett has recorded just short of 2000 drug offences, with drugs leading the way for crime statistics.

Mr Harbison said reinvigorating the economy will go a long way in fighting South Burnett’s drug and crime problem.

“To beat crime we need to create a more vibrant economy, if we don’t have a vibrant economy crime increases and that’s why The Greens solution is to maintain a healthy economy,” he said.

“We want to see more social housing added to rental lots in each statistical area, which will again create jobs state wide.

“The other parties continue to kick the climate change can down the road and with the agricultural industry coming back in to its own thanks to innovation, I am excited about the energy efficiency space.”

When asked why Mr Harbison decided to run for the seat of Nanango for the Greens he said things are changing and The Greens are recognising those changes and coming up with solutions.

“Some of the politicians aren’t bold enough and that’s why I joined The Greens to be in a progressive party,” he said.

“We all desperately need an alternative to the major parties, who are beholden to the corporate donors that fund their campaigns.

“I will never take one cent in corporate donations, so I will always put the community first.”

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