Jones launches scathing attack on ‘insulting’ Meghan

2GB broadcaster Alan Jones has unleashed a scathing critique of Meghan Markle's emotional confession in an explosive documentary in which she admits her personal struggle with the spotlight.

The documentary - which aired in Australia on Channel 10 a few weeks ago - follows the couple's journey throughout poverty-stricken parts of Africa on a royal tour.


In the documentary Meghan said her friends in the US warned her about the British tabloid press.
In the documentary Meghan said her friends in the US warned her about the British tabloid press.

In an emotional one-on-one interview in Meghan and Harry: An African Journey, Meghan admitted she was "not okay" and the brutality of the British tabloid press had taken its toll while Harry had fronted up on a rift with his brother.

But the couple's struggle with the spotlight hasn't attracted the sympathy of Jones, who on Monday morning hit out at the irony of Meghan's revelation.

"In the documentary, we're told Meghan gives a rare glimpse of her new life and struggles as a royal and new a mother. It borders on insulting. Imagine spending time in Africa around the poorest of the poor - people who have no possessions - and you're carrying on. Have these two people got no awareness at all?"

Alan Jones has taken aim at Meghan Markle.
Alan Jones has taken aim at Meghan Markle.

Jones dubbed Meghan's admission "self-indulgent rubbish," calling her out for complaining about her struggle as a new mother and member of the royal family in the wake of intense media scrutiny.

"Has she ever wondered whether the poor people in Africa are okay? I've seen them - these poor kids with flies on their face and emaciated - and the 38-year-old is complaining that people haven't asked if she was okay.

"She said she's struggling with duties - what duties? She's having six weeks off before Christmas for a holiday to LA!"

Prince Harry also opened up about his struggles in the documentary, conceding that him and his brother had grown apart and his mother's death is "a wound that festers".

"Every single time I hear a click, every single time I see a flash, it takes me straight back" (to his mother's death).

In the documentary the new parents document their passion for human rights with Harry following his mother's footsteps visiting landmines in Angola while the couple paves new ground advocating for women's rights and visiting Africa's poorest suburb.

Jones hit out at the couple for championing efforts against climate change - accusing them of being hypocritical.

"Just imagine, Meghan Markle posting photos of Justin Trudeau on climate change despite taking private jets everywhere. The way these two going there'll be a lot of Aussies saying no thanks [to the monarchy]."

The explosive rant comes after Prince Harry announced mid-tour he would be launching legal action on Meghan's behalf for media intrusions on her privacy, attracting extensive public criticism after what had been deemed a largely successful public campaign.