Former drug trafficker Brittany Alexis McClung was praised for her significant drug rehabilitation.
Former drug trafficker Brittany Alexis McClung was praised for her significant drug rehabilitation.

Judge praises drug trafficker’s turnaround

A JUDGE has praised a drug trafficker for turning her life around and taking the opportunity for rehabilitation with "both hands".

Brittany Alexis McClung, 26, walked from Brisbane Supreme Court on Thursday after pleading guilty to trafficking ice over two months in the Sunshine Coast area.

The court was told the single mother hopes to use her freedom to start afresh in Bundaberg, finish her schooling and study social work to help others avoid the world she has lived in.

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Prosecutor Chontelle Farnsworth detailed how police discovered McClung's peddling after they searched her Eumundi house in November 2018, finding 8g of methamphetamine, MDA, $4500 cash and other drug-related goods.


Former drug trafficker Brittany Alexis McClung.
Former drug trafficker Brittany Alexis McClung.


"It's of serious concern that those offences were committed while she was on bail," Ms Farnsworth said.

"(Her offending) is only getting worse as she's getting older."

But defence barrister Sarah Cartledge said McClung had struggled with a drug addiction in the wake of a traumatic relationship and signed up to at least 25 drug rehabilitation courses since her offending.

"She is genuinely remorseful and genuinely interested in rehabilitating herself," Ms Cartledge said.

She had also once been assaulted with a baseball bat in 2017 over a drug debt her partner owed, the court was told.

Justice Elizabeth Wilson did not mince words when describing the gravity McClung's offending had on the community and her 21 customers.

"You were involved in the peddling in drugs in our society. You know how destructive they are because you've experienced it," Justice Wilson said.

"It destroys lives and it's a destruction on our society and you contributed to that the society in which your own son will live in."

But ultimately Justice Wilson said she was persuaded by powerful references detailing McClung's significant rehabilitation.

"But what I'm seeing here … is something that's very rare that I see in this court," she said.

"That is you were given an opportunity and you took it with both hands and you made something of it."

After spending more than one month in jail, McClung was sentenced to three years' jail with immediate parole. -NewsRegional