Bev Lacey

'Bored' boys wreak havoc in care home

TWO teenagers under the care of the Department of Child Safety had gone on a wilful damage spree because they were bored.

The 14 and 17-year-old boys were residents of the care facility near Toowoomba, the city's Children's Court heard.

About 10.30pm, October 16, after their carer had gone to bed, the pair had filled a large container with water and detergent which they spilt onto a hallway floor to make a slippery-slide, police prosecutor Nicola Prince told the court.

The liquid had gone under the door of another resident's room and destroyed books on the floor.

When the carer got up and was cleaning up that mess, the two boys had taken food stuffs from the kitchen which they threw around and walked in soup which they had spilt onto the floor.

The pair had then ripped the facility's CCTV camera from a wall and destroyed it, leaving it over a neighbouring fence, Ms Prince said.

Both pleaded guilty to a charge of wilful damage.

The court heard the younger of the two had previous offences for the same thing and both had been in court earlier this year.

Their solicitor Phil Stainton told the court the 14-year-old was not attending school but intended going to flexi school.

He accepted his actions were "very stupid" which was done out of boredom.

Both boys had helped clean up their mess, the court heard.

Acting Magistrate Roger Stark warned the 17-year-old that as of January when he turned 18 he would be an adult and subject to the adult court.

Telling both they should have known better, Mr Stark reprimanded the 17-year-old and imposed a three-month good behaviour bond on the 14-year-old.