SMASHING GOALS: A team from the South Burnett took part in the national karate titles.
SMASHING GOALS: A team from the South Burnett took part in the national karate titles. Damian Nicholson

GALLERY: Karate squad strikes back at competition

ATHLETES from the region have returned from the south after one of the most competitive karate tournaments in the country.

Almost 30 competitors from Queensland took part in the Australian Karate Federation's national titles from August 27-28 in Adelaide after a rigorous selection process.

The national competition is held every two years in partnership with Japan, and competitors from Australia, Malaysia, New Zealand and Japan fight for the chance to become champions.

The competition alternates between Australia and Japan each year and competitors range from junior to black belt.

Queensland topped the medal tally in the championships.

Kumite, Kata and Gohon Kumite tournaments are held and focus on fighting, step pattern movements, team and strategy fighting.

Kingaroy instructor and Queensland coach Damian Nicholson said South Burnett competitors as young as six years old took part in the titles.

"It is a really high level of competition, especially that element of having international teams taking part," Mr Nicholson said.

"The Queensland squad did really well and individuals on the South Burnett team in particular medalled in at least one of the events they took part in.

"For some, Queensland placed first, second and third, which was a really fantastic result."

Mr Nicholson said a significant number of juniors had acquired their black belts for the competition and were competing for the first time at that level of competition.

Mr Nicholson said students prepared all year for the national competition, which was held in high regard.

Students who did exceptionally well were able to attend the titles in Japan every second year.

Aside from training for the competition, Mr Nicholson said the sport gave competitors additional life skills.

"It has the same benefits as with any of the martial arts," Mr Nicholson said. "That encompasses confidence, self-discipline, self-control, pushing through adversity, not panicking in pressure situations - and they're all really handy life skills.

"We find it's really beneficial and it goes across all areas of their life."

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Black belt gradings

Dave Forkings - 4th Dan

Callum Forkings - 2nd Dan

Gregory Koenig - 4th Dan

Maddie Hines - 1st Dan

South Burnett:

Andrew Zerner - 2nd Dan Black Belt

Brett Hall - 1st Dan Black Belt

Madison Hall - Shodan Ho (Under 18 Black Belt)

Jessamy Zerner - Shodan Ho

Tournament Results - other areas of Qld

Dave Forkings - 1st Men's Black Belt Kata

Callum Forkings - 3rd Kata-2nd Kumite

Boys Black Belt 15-17yrs

Gregory Koenig - 1st Men's 85kg+ Kumite

Maddie Hines - 2nd Women's Black Belt Kumite

Shannon King

Women's 10th Kyu-5th Kyu

2nd Gohon Kumite, 2nd Kata

2nd Team Kata, 1st Kumite

Cody Widdows

10th Kyu-5th Kyu Men's

1st Kata, 2nd Kumite, 2nd Team Kata

Cameron Hulse

Boys 15-17yrs 10th-5th Kyu

2nd Gohon Kumite

1st Kata, 2nd Kumite

2nd Team Kata

Lachlan Sinclair

Boys 11-13yrs 4th Kyu-Black Belt

3rd Team Kata

Joshua Sinclair

Boys 8-10yrs 10th Kyu-5th Kyu

1st Kumite

2nd Team Kumite

Sara Dunn

Girls 11-13yrs 4th Kyu-Black Belt

2nd Kumite, 3rd Team Kata

Claire Dunn

Girls 8-10yrs 4th Kyu-Black Belt

3rd Kumite, 3rd Team Kata


Kai Alan 10th - 5th kyu

3rd 10-11yrs Male Kumite

2nd Junior Team Kumite

4th in 10-11yrs Kata

This was the biggest division at the titles.

Jorja Hall 4th to Black Belt

2nd 11-13yrs Female Kumite

3rd 11-13yrs Mixed Kata

Bailee Hall 4th to Black Belt

1st 12-13yrs Female Kumite

2nd 12-13yrs Mixed Kata

Madison Hall black belt

2nd 14-15yrs Female Kumite

1st 14-15yrs Female Kata

Teagan Hall black belt

1st 14-15yrs Female Kumite

2nd 14-15yrs Female Kata

Jessamy Zerner Black Belt

3rd 14-15yrs Female Kumite

3rd 14-15yrs Female Kata

All six of the students from the South Burnett represented Qld in the team demonstration between states and Japan and placed third.

Final South Burnett result (wasn't part of the demonstration):

Ellie Nicholson 10th to 5th Kyu 10-11 Years

2nd Female Kumite

2nd Mixed Gohon Kumite

2nd Junior Team Kumite