Something For Kate will perform at the Coolangatta Hotel on Thursday.
Something For Kate will perform at the Coolangatta Hotel on Thursday. Contributed

Kate’s finest work to date at the Cooly Hotel

PAUL Dempsey has stars in his eyes. And I'm not talking about his status as frontman for iconic Aussie band Something for Kate or as a successful solo artist.

No, turns out Dempsey is a man obsessed. Not with music as you might expect but rather with stars. Astronomy, cosmology and pop science, they fascinate the musician.

His curiosity knows no bounds.

His house is littered with science books and tomes on mathematics, and on the band's last tour he could be found with his nose in a book studying for an astronomy course he was completing.

Looking back at his school subjects, a life of science could have been very much on the cards.

He's looking forward to when his two-year-old son is a little older and he can take him out to the country and together they can gaze at the stars.

But while science is his mistress, music is his wife. His first and true love, an all-consuming passion he admits.

Leave Your Soul to Science, released last year, is Something for Kate's sixth studio album.

Heralded by critics as the group's finest work to date, it's an expansive, experimental release and dabbles in themes previously unexplored by wordsmith Dempsey.

It's also been six years since the band has headed out on an extensive national tour and there's a lot of preparations to be done.

When we chat, Dempsey has just finished a rehearsal and they are still deciding on a set-list, which with a back catalogue of more than 150 songs, is no easy task.

"We usually choose about 40 songs to take on tour and then make the selection each night to make sure everyone is happy," he said.

While fans can expect to hear plenty of favourites at the Coolangatta Hotel on Thursday, Dempsey says unlike a lot of bands there are no "must play" singles that they feel obligated to perform each night.

"We're not too precious about that," he said.

Something for Kate play The Coolangatta Hotel on Thursday May 16. Tickets are $35 + booking fee from