Kathryn Stevens with her husband and children. Picture: Contributed.
Kathryn Stevens with her husband and children. Picture: Contributed.

Kath Stevens on how to balance it all

"I THINK a truly successful woman is one who, despite the pressures of work, community activities and lengthy 'to-do' lists, still manages to carve out time for a much-needed lengthy chat over coffee or wine with a friend, cooking a meal for someone in need, or spending quality time with family.

"A successful woman knows what to prioritise on any given day and gets the balance just right."

This is according to Kingaroy mum and St John's Lutheran School worker Kathryn Stevens.

Mrs Stevens is mother of two and works part time at St John's Lutheran School in Kingaroy, but before settling down in the South Burnett with her family she worked as a journalist all across Australia.

"I studied Communications at university and majored in Broadcast Journalism," Mrs Stevens said.

"I then spent some time working for ABC Radio in Dubbo, Broken Hill, and Orange.

"I met my husband in Orange where we were both working as journalists. Then three months later I moved overseas for two years and six months later he followed me over there.

"When I got back from London I worked at Townsville ABC and public relations in Brisbane before deciding I wanted to focus on having a family here in Kingaroy."

Mrs Stevens said she has always been a go-getter and was never able to sit still.

"I've always had big dreams and wanted to be involved with everything," she said.

"For me, I think it was about working hard and taking every opportunity.

"I also think it's so important to travel. Get out of here and explore the world. Then once you've learnt and have some life experiences behind you come back and contribute to the community with your skill set."

While raising two young kids and working part time, Mrs Stevens was also the Chief Baconeer behind the annual Kingaroy BaconFest.

A festival which last year brought over 15,000 attendees to the region, and saw $370,000 injected into the Kingaroy economy exclusively from BaconFest attendees.

Mrs Stevens said she's always looked up to women who were able to balance it all.

"I wanted to have a career, have a family, and contribute to my community," she said.

"There are so many inspiring women out there who do just that and sometimes it leaves me wondering how they all do it.

"The women I find most inspiring are my mum and friends. They're all amazing and the best people I know.

"But then there was also my female bosses who taught me so much about journalism and how to be tough and overcome being a female in the industry. There were definitely a lot of things said about me and the other females in the newsroom when I first started that just would not be tolerated in any workplace.

"I also really love Annabel Crabb and Leigh Sales. They're so relatable and amazing and I just feel like we could be close friends."

Mrs Stevens said International Women's Day was about celebrating how far we have come while also working towards equality.

"Things are so much better than they once were but there's always room for improvement," she said.

"My advice for young women is to do your best to stay informed of what's going on in the world around you. Read and listen.

"The more you know and are learning the more you can contribute.

"I always recommend the Squiz Shortcuts podcast. The one for kids is great and I always use it to explain what's in the news to my kids."

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