Deb Frecklington speaking at the KCCG meeting on Tuesday night.
Deb Frecklington speaking at the KCCG meeting on Tuesday night. Katherine Morris

KCCG up for the fight against mine

Kingaroy Concern Citizens Coal Mine video : Kingaroy Concerned Citizens groups coal mine video.


KINGAROY Concerned Citizens' Group is not giving up the fight against the proposed South Burnett Coal Project any time soon.

At the group annual general meeting, members re-elected most office bearers.

Gary Tessmann was re-elected to president, Damien O'Sullivan is vice-president, Marilyn Stephens is secretary and John Dalton remains as spokesman.

The group is looking for someone to fill the treasurer's role.

The group will make a detailed submission to the draft terms of reference on the project, which was released this week.

Deb Frecklington, who chaired the meeting, said she was not getting information from Moreton Resources or the Minster for Mines in relation to the environmental impact statement.

"I dare say Jason Elks (Moreton Resources executive chairman) and I don't get along very well and that's obvious with the comments I've made in the media," she said.

"He's not going away unfortunately, the comments that stuck in my mind is the fact he talked about that he needs to open this mine to supply coal to Stanwell Power Station."

"I think we all know, even with the Federal Government's (renewable) target, the State Government has stood up this week and said they want to get up to 50% renewables which, with the greatest respect, is not going to happen in the time frame they anticipate.

"And the pressure that (the states renewable energy target) is going to put on our power station, we've got more than enough coal feeding it."

Mrs Frecklington said she believed there was a big hole in the Moreton Resources' argument.

"I'm looking forward to having that conversation with him (Jason Elks) in any case, when he returns my correspondence which is not very often," she said.

The draft terms of reference for the project has been released.