20 years of Keno betting finally pays out for retiree

A DETERMINED retiree has had a win in his lengthy battle to get a Keno payout.

Maroochydore man David Hardie has been regular punter for the past 20 years, frequently placing 50 cent bets on five or six number games.

But his faith in the random number generator was severely shaken on July 29 when a computer system glitch stopped him from replaying his numbers at his local pub.

The attendant couldn't check his numbers and couldn't get his bet on, so called her head office for advice.

"Whilst the venue manager was still on the line, I happened to look at the screen and saw my six numbers come up but my ticket had not yet been replayed," Mr Hardie said.

With the numbers went a potential $900 windfall.

He made his discontent known to the attendant but knew it was not the fault of the pub, instead the system itself.

"I wanted her to take it up with someone in authority as I firmly believed that I was entitled to at least compensation of $900.

"I further advised her that if she did not have any success, I would certainly want to take the matter further."

Mr Hardie received no response so he outlined his situation to Keno Operations, only to be told they would not be paying him $900.

The representative did however offer $100 compensation.

"I declined the admission-of-guilt offer and told the venue manager that I would be pursuing the matter further."

Mr Hardie last week got in touch with the Daily and about an hour after media inquiries were made with Keno's parent company Tabcorp, he received a phone call.

A Tabcorp spokeswoman said the company appreciated Mr Hardie was a long-standing Keno customer and as a show of good faith, offered him an ex-gratia payment of $900.

"At the time of the incident, Keno had undergone a system upgrade and as such some of our processes had changed," the spokeswoman said.

"The issue experienced by Mr Hardie was a one-off incident and was limited to that particular venue at that particular time.

"It is most definitely not a widespread issue."

Mr Hardie collected the cash on Friday night, more than two months after trying to place the bet.

He said he would probably continue to place his small bets in search of big payouts.

"I probably would have thought twice about it if they hadn't come to the party.

"I believed I was right."