Prime Minister Kevin Rudd.
Prime Minister Kevin Rudd. Mark Dadswell - Getty Images

Kevin Rudd the lone voice from Queensland in new Cabinet

THERE are no Queenslanders in prime minster's Kevin Rudd new-look Labor cabinet announced on Monday - apart from Mr Rudd, which the opposition dubbed surprising and disappointing.

Fairfax reports that Queensland Senator Jan McLucas from north Queensland retains her spot as Minister for Human Services in the outer cabinet.

While the three other Queensland parliamentary secretaries keep their positions, no Queensland MPs have been promoted to fill ministries held by Queenslanders in Julia Gillard's cabinet.

Previously, the Trade Minister was Rankin MP, Craig Emerson, Member for Lilley Wayne Swan was Treasurer, and Senator Joe Ludwig was Minister for Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry and Minister Assisting on Queensland Flood Recovery.

Dr Emerson will quit politics at this year's federal election, while Mr Swan and Senator Ludwig have elected to return to the backbench.

Acting Queensland Premier Jeff Seeney questioned Prime Minister Kevin Rudd's decision not to appoint a single Queenslander - other than himself - to his new Cabinet.

"How can Queenslanders have any confidence at all that their interests are being represented, when they don't even have a voice in the Ministry?" Mr Seeney asked.

"Kevin Rudd is a known autocrat and this is further evidence he truly is a one-man band.

"Even if he wasn't going to listen, it was important for our state to have representation in that inner sanctum where so many of the big decisions are made.

"Unfortunately, it appears that anyone who would have been prepared to stand up to Mr Rudd has either left the Ministry, retired in protest, or refused to serve under his leadership.

"Mr Rudd should do the honourable thing and set a date for the election.

"Moreover, he should have the decency to do it now so that Australians can cast their vote, put an end to the soap opera and send packing the most shambolic government in Australia's political history.

"In one of his many contrived media conferences, the Prime Minister said it wasn't all about Sydney and Melbourne.

"It seems it's not about Queensland either. "It's just about Kevin.

"The people of Queensland demand that Mr Rudd set an election date so they can elect a grown up government that is actually fit to govern; not one that is entirely subject to its own internal power struggles."