BRIGHT IDEAS: The colourful play and education spaces at the Murgon Childcare & Learning Centre.
BRIGHT IDEAS: The colourful play and education spaces at the Murgon Childcare & Learning Centre. Haylene van Rensburg

Kids learning the fundamentals of life

AT THE Murgon Childcare and Learning Centre, you can feel reassured that your child is in safe hands, while learning about culture, language and healthy living.

Haylene van Rensburg, the nominated supervisor and educational leader of the centre, believes by following the Early Years Learning Program framework, the centre is optimising the child's progression.

"The children are learning about their identities, health and safety, family and community, using cognitive skills, how to think out of the box, and also language," Ms Rensburg said.

"Language is a very important thing because what we've noticed is that there's a lot of children who don't speak very well and don't know how to communicate... and that's why we apply the Early Years Learning framework right across the centre."

Offering childminding services for babies and toddlers, as well as kindy programs and after school care, the centre caters to all.

"We have our nursery from birth to two, then we have a room for our toddlers, and we are a kindy approved childcare centre," Ms Rensburg said.


"We also do after school care as well and are open to all from 7.30 in the morning until 5.30 in the afternoon."

The children who attend the Murgon Childcare and Learning Centre can also learn a lot about different cultures.

"There's a lot of culture involved in our programs as well. We incorporate aboriginal drawings and paintings, while mixing them with children's patterns and things like that," Ms Rensburg said.

"Our kindy children will also go to Cherbourg during NAIDOC week, and any other interesting excursions that the kindy group can attend."

For general learning, Ms Rensburg and her team knows how to effectively engage the children.

"In order to engage children actively, our educators identify children's strengths and interests, choose appropriate teaching strategies and design the learning environment according to children's interest. Through all of this, we encourage and appreciate parental input," she said.

Despite having a strong focus on education, don't worry, your children will still have many opportunities to have fun and play at the centre, while also practicing healthy habits.

"Everything is play based while we help prepare transition the children to transition to school, with reading, writing and socialising capabilities. There's lots of activities, outdoor play and also fundamental movement skills that we practice," Ms Rensburg said.

"Fundamental movement skills include obstacle courses, climbing, rolling, running, pushing carts, using the whole body. Fitness and healthy eating key skills are a major priority for the centre."