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Kids left home alone while dad drives to Brisbane

A MAN'S decision to leave his kids at home when he drove to Brisbane to pick up his girlfriend from the airport backfired when he forgot about a real estate inspection.

The man, who cannot be named to protect the identity of his children, left his eight and seven-year-old at home from 4am-10.30am but was reported to the police when his real estate agent found the children home alone.

Defence solicitor Mark Werner said the offender only left the children at his home at Yarraman when he couldn't fit them in the car.

"He took two of his younger children with him but said there weren't enough car seats to fit all the kids in," Mr Werner said.

Mr Werner told the court the man took his four and two-year-old with him but thought his older children were responsible enough to stay home alone.

"He told them to run across the road to the neighbours if they needed help."

But police prosecutor Wayne Bushell said his decision to leave the boys alone was "poor parenting".

"This is unacceptable," Sgt Bushell said. "There needs to be a penalty."

The man also faced court on weapons charges after police found a nunchuck in his possession but his defence argued there was no sinister reason for owning the weapon.

"He used to do martial arts," Mr Werner said.

"It's not a hard bodied weapon, it's plastic covered.

"It's designed not to injure." Magistrate Barry Barrett told the man he should have a license for the restricted weapon but accepted it was "not possessed for sinister purpose".

Mr Barrett ordered the nunchuck to be forfeited and destroyed but said the security of his children was a far more serious matter.

"You failed in your duty of care," Mr Barrett said.

The man was ordered to pay a $1000 fine for the two charges. "The fine reflects the failure on your behalf to your children," he said.

No conviction was recorded.