The opulent signage that once sat outside the mansion rented by Kim Dotcom.
The opulent signage that once sat outside the mansion rented by Kim Dotcom.

Kim Dotcom sent a blunt message to new mansion owners

THE exclusive New Zealand property dubbed the "Dotcom Mansion" after its well-known tenant Kim Dotcom has sold.

But its high-profile former occupier has delivered a blunt message to the property's new owners, wishing them: "Good luck with the dark energy".

Tenders closed on the property on April 21 but the luxury pad only sold this week after months of negotiations.

Hours after the sale of the mansion was made public Kim Dotcom tweeted: "The Dotcom Mansion sold. It's now called the Chingxhuang Mansion ;-)"

It was not clear if Dotcom genuinely knew the identity or nationality of the buyer or was making a remark on the buyer's ethnicity.

Barfoot and Thompson director Peter Thompson doubted Dotcom knew who had bought the property but said he couldn't be 100 per cent sure.

"I honestly would not know if that is the case or not, only he could tell you that."

Thompson said even he didn't know the identity of the buyer.

"I knew about the confidentiality agreement so I said 'well don't tell me because if I don't know I can't divulge'.

"All I know is that both parties are very happy and it is fantastic for Christina of our Ponsonby branch who has put a huge amount of effort in."

The Dotcom mansion is being marketed as "distinguished and magnificent" but many people will recall the unusual spectre of police swooping on the property at Coatesville, northwest of Auckland.

Thompson said it was not unusual for high-end properties to take longer to sell.

"Anything over $10m is going to take a while because there is a limited number of people who can afford that type of property.

"You have to find the right buyer."

Contract staff for the Official Assignee seize artwork and possessions from the Dotcom property.
Contract staff for the Official Assignee seize artwork and possessions from the Dotcom property.

Dotcom said he believed the mansion probably sold for "around $22m-$24".

When asked what he missed the most about his former palatial rental, the internet mogul said: "My lap pool. Swimming every day was good for my back."

Asked what some of the great aspects of the property were, Dotcom added: "Everything but the view".

Tang said she had around 50 genuine buyers through the property which she said was a large number for such a prestigious property.

"We had a lot of interest and people through both locally and abroad. All of the buyers were qualified because otherwise I would be like a tour guide," she said.

The sprawling estate has a 2015 council valuation of $23.55m but was previously expected to sell for around $35m.

Barfoot and Thompson agent Christina Tang said both the seller, Chrisco multi-millionaire Richard Bradley, and the new owner were "thrilled with the result".

She said both parties had requested privacy and because the agreement was subject to strict confidentiality no details about the buyer, purchase price or other aspects of the sale would be released.

Property records list the house, at 186 Mahoenui Valley Rd, as being owned by Lurcher Ltd. Companies Office records now show the company is called Linkicons. The sole director is Richard Bradley of Australia.

The sprawling estate - also known as the Chrisco mansion - has 12 bedrooms, is on 22.6ha with its own vineyard, lake and boathouse, and has manicured parkland and sculptures.

A expansive hedged maze, an olympic sized swimming pool and giant corrogated iron giraffes add to the spectacle of the property.

It was built by Bradley but really hit headlines when Dotcom moved in.

When she was marketing the property Tang told the Herald she had an overwhelming number of requests to view the property.

She qualified buyers as genuine and able to afford the property before taking them through.

"We've had thousands of inquiries, including emails and phone calls."

About 50 people or parties of a variety of nationalities had viewed the place, Tang said.

She said buyers had not been put off by the properties colourful past.

Dotcom moved into the mansion with his wife Mona and their three children in 2010 and paid a reported $1m a year in rent.

He ran his file-sharing website Megaupload from the mansion and in 2012 the luxury pad was raided by armed police in the early hours of 20 January. Mona Dotcom was heavily pregnant with the couple's twins at the time.

Dotcom is now renting a waterfront apartment in Auckland.