PROGRESS: Broad Construction Services has been named as principal contractor for a $73.9 million Kingaroy Hospital redevelopment project.
PROGRESS: Broad Construction Services has been named as principal contractor for a $73.9 million Kingaroy Hospital redevelopment project.

How businesses can get involved in Kingaroy Hospital upgrade

THE Kingaroy Hospital upgrade development project is underway with Broad Construction in charge and giving local businesses and subcontractors a chance to jump on board.

A seminar was held at the Kingaroy RSL by Broad Construction, ICN Queensland (a Queensland Government initiative for employing local businesses), and the Department of State Development, Manufacturing, Infrastructure and Planning to teach local businesses how to seek employment opportunities through the hospital development.

Mark Greenhall, Broad Construction's assistant project manager, said the Kingaroy Hospital upgrade was well underway and they were on the lookout for locals to become involved.

"We (Broad Construction) are doing the Kingaroy Hospital redevelopment and it is consistent of two stages," he said.

"The first stage is the construction of the new main hospital building.

"Once we have finished that we will hand it over to the clients at Darling Downs Health Services and they move into that building from the existing one.

"That will last two months and will involve some new training."

He said then stage two would begin.

"Which is the demolition of the big old building and the boomerang building to ground level there," Mr Greenhall said.

"Then we are going to build a new single storey onto the top of the boomerang building and then lastly the new linking building will complete stage two.

"We're looking for local subcontractors for both of these construction stages of the project."

Stage one of the construction of the redevelopment project began in June this year.

So far a fair few local subcontractors have already become involved.

Early stage construction procurements:

  • Earthworks: Demex
  • Electrical: Wards Electrical
  • Hydraulics: Fiedler Plumbing
  • Piling: Wagstaff Piling
  • Main Hydraulics: Brady Plumbing
  • Main Electrical: Resolve Tech
  • Tower crane: Liebherr
  • Formwork: Ramage
  • Lifts: Orbitz
  • Blockwork: ABC Bricklaying

"Locally in the South Burnett there are a lot of subcontractors who we would really want to use on this project," he said.

"We will be able to use their industry expertise along with their local knowledge of the area.

"We really want to make the best use of that local knowledge and expertise."

South Burnett businesses who attended the seminar learnt how to apply as subcontractors for specific construction needs.

The only issue Mr Greenhall brought up was how some of the sourcing packages for the construction project may be too large for any local South Burnett subcontractors.

"Even if this is the case there will still be ways to involve them," he said.

"We'd put them together with the big main contractors to assist with the needs of that package.

"So they may source some materials locally, for example."

Mr Greenhall said until Broad Constructions knows for sure what the participating local contractors can provide, there was no viable way to estimate precisely how many locals would be employed through the construction stage of the Kingaroy Hospital development.