Swimming at the Kingaroy poolPhoto Troy Kippen / South Burnett Times
Swimming at the Kingaroy poolPhoto Troy Kippen / South Burnett Times Troy Kippen

Kingaroy pool to remain closed for now

THE Kingaroy Aquatic Centre will remain closed for time being as the South Burnett Regional Council works to find and fix a leak.

South Burnett mayor Keith Campbell said the council was having trouble finding the source of the problem.

"There is an intrusion of water from an unknown supply coming in to the pool at a fairly constant rates and this is a challenge to the proper chlorine levels,” Cr Campbell said.

"This represents a health risk for users of the pool if we can't maintain proper choline levels.

"What's more than unfortunate that the council just hasn't been able to identify where this water is coming from.”

The council has tested a number of theories and they are currently looking using a form of x-ray to map the underground pipes in and around the pool.

There is the possibility they will have to empty the pool, though it's somewhat of a last resort given the cost and time associated.

"It enormously frustrating for the franchisees and the people who want to use the pool during this hot weather,” Cr Campbell said.

"There's been a considerable about of time and labour spent investigating the issue but you have to spend the money to fix the problem.”

For young children wanting to take a dip, Dangerfield's A1 Swim Centre is still running its Learn to Swim classes in the under cover pool.