PLOUGHING THROUGH: After getting through the 1kg steak easily, the side of chips proved more of a challenge. CONTRIBUTED
PLOUGHING THROUGH: After getting through the 1kg steak easily, the side of chips proved more of a challenge. CONTRIBUTED Contributed

Korner meats steak challenge

AS A growing lad, I was generally encouraged to eat everything on my plate.

Of course, when you are an active kid in your teens, you can pretty much eat mum and dad out of house and home and still come away looking skinny as a rake.

I built up a reputation for being a sort of garbage disposal unit, cleaning up any of the other family members' leftovers at dinner time.

My younger sister would often find me cleaning up her plate before she was done eating it herself.

While those days are long gone, some old habits die hard, and there's still a part of me that feels guilty seeing good food go to waste.

When I heard that nobody had taken up the Coro Hotel's 1kg steak challenge on its first official weekend, my instincts told me to give it a crack.

This was the first time I'd ever taken up an eating competition of sorts - although this one is a world away from one of those crude pie-eating contests that you occasionally see.

A 1kg steak is pretty big though - much bigger than anything I have attempted before.

The one they served me took up all the real estate on a normal sized dinner plate.

It was shaped like a set of giant butterfly wings, and quite thick, but not so big as to make me think I wouldn't be able to eat it inside about 10 minutes.

What did worry me was the chips. The Coro dished up enough chips to feed Uruguay, and I had to eat every last one of them - along with the steak - inside 20 minutes in order to pass the test.

I downed two rums while the chef cooked my lump of meat just the way I like it, and when the time came to tuck in, I was presently surprised at how tender it was.

Just as I suspected, the steak was the easiest part of this challenge.

By the time it was gone, I had about eight minutes to down the chips.

I can tell you that after a few minutes of ploughing into those babies, I was beginning to see why gluttony is a sin.

Cheered on by a few fellow QT staff, however, I managed to stuff the last handful of chips into my gob just as the 20 minutes expired.

After washing it down with another rum, I stumbled out of the Coro feeling extremely bloated.

That feeling stayed with me until well into the next day, but I was still proud to have opened the 1kg steak challenge account for the Coro.

If I could offer one piece of advice, it would be to leave the gut relatively empty in the lead up - I downed three party-sized sausage rolls an hour before, which didn't help.