LOCKED OUT: Exotic dancer Chloe Rose is against new nightclub lockout laws expected to be introduced.
LOCKED OUT: Exotic dancer Chloe Rose is against new nightclub lockout laws expected to be introduced. Contributed

Exotic dancer hopes new 1am lock out laws don't go ahead

EXOTIC dancer Chloe Rose has her fingers crossed proposed new Queensland Government lock-out laws will not go ahead.

The Labor Government aims to reduce alcohol related violence in and around licensed premises, particularly entertainment precincts, by implementing initiatives that focus on both alcohol consumers and alcohol suppliers.

Southern media has reported the Queensland Government is tipped to be considering rolling out the lock-out laws as early as next month.

If the new laws go ahead, Rockhampton clubs and pubs could be forced to lock out patrons and call "last drinks" as early as 1am and 3am respectfully.

The sale of high-alcohol content drinks such as shots would be stopped at 12am.

Ms Rose, who dances frequently in Rockhampton and across the country relies on the current trading hours to earn her livelihood, said the proposed new laws would affect the earnings of everyone in the nightlife industry.

"Dancers and exotic entertainers work for commission with most clubs taking a percentage of our earnings," Ms Rose said.

"The majority of our money is made later in the evening as most patrons want to have a dance once they're drunk and relaxed before they head off home."

She described her work environment as one where most were employed on a casual basis by the hour.

"A 9pm-5am job is the same as a 9am-5pm job. Some people just prefer to work after sundown."

As far as reducing alcohol fuelled violence, Ms Rose believed the lock out laws would have a disastrous effect.

"As far as violence is concerned, I believe being drunk goes through stages: tipsy, drunk, angry, too tired and need to pass out," she said.

"Pushing everyone out onto the street during the drunk and angry stage is a terrible idea and will only lead to further violence."

Lock-out laws

 New laws would see clubs lock-out patrons at 1am, stop serving shots at 12am and stop serving alcohol at 3am.