CHILLY BLAST: South Burnett residents had another chilling morning on Wednesday.
CHILLY BLAST: South Burnett residents had another chilling morning on Wednesday. Frances Klein

What's causing freezing temperatures in the Burnett

SOUTH Burnett residents once again shivered through the morning as temperatures dropped to -3 degrees at 6.23am.

Patches of frost across the region have been caused by an increase in high pressure and dry air which allows for the overnight temperature to drop lower than expected.

This is according to Weatherzone meteorologist Craig McIntosh who said the lack of rain in the region was a contributing factor to the drop in temperature.

"The minimum in Kingaroy for this time of year is 3.5 to 4, so -3 this morning is quite below average," Mr McIntosh said.

So far this month, the Kingaroy Airport weather station has recorded 2.2mm of rain which is significantly below the July average of 21mm.

"July is usually the driest month so we would be looking to have not much rain, but 2.2 is measly halfway through the month," Mr McIntosh said.

Over the past 15 months, parts of the Wide Bay Burnett have recorded some of the lowest rainfall percentiles on record, and one of highest deficiencies.

The next chance for rain in the South Burnett is on Monday, when up to 10mm is possible as onshore winds push showers over the coast.

"The South Burnett is definitely going to get raindrops, but how much is in debate at this stage," Mr McIntosh said.

It is set to reach a top of 21 degrees today, and the cold weather will continue into the weekend.

South Burnett residents can expect a low of 2 degrees and high of 18 degrees on Thursday, and low of 1 degree before a top of 20 degrees on Friday.

Temperatures are forecast to drop to 2 degrees before a top of 21 degrees on Saturday, and drop to 4 degrees before a maximum of 22 degrees on Sunday, which will be partly cloudy.