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Lana Del Rey wanted for film role

LANA Del Rey is being pursued for a role in a movie.

Mirimax boss Harvey Weinstein - who is responsible for a host of hit films including 'The Iron Lady' and 'The Artist' - thinks the 'Video Games' singer has what it takes to be a screen icon and wants her to accept a part in an as-yet-unknown picture.

A source told The Sun newspaper: ''Harvey thinks there's something about Lana. He knows all about her music but believes she's got what it takes to be a film star.

''She's got the looks and as stage presence which he thinks will transfer well to the big screen. Critics have even claimed that the star plays a part all the time as Lana.''

Harvey was overheard telling Lana at the Cannes Film Festival in the South of France that the ''camera loves her''.

Should she sign up for a role it would not be the first time she has worked in front of the lens; she directed, edited and stared in her own promo for 'Video Games'.

Lana is among a long-list of singers who have found they are wanted for films recently; Lady Gaga has a cameo role as an alien in 'Men in Black 3', while Justin Bieber will soon shoot a basketball movie with Mark Wahlberg.