Sport and Recreation Portfolio holder Roz Frohloff is asking the community ot have it's say on how the council mananges it's parks over the next ten years.
Sport and Recreation Portfolio holder Roz Frohloff is asking the community ot have it's say on how the council mananges it's parks over the next ten years. Michael Nolan

Last say on plan for our parks

SOUTH Burnett Regional Council will be giving the community one last chance to share their thoughts on the future of South Burnett parks and recreational areas.

Draft six of the South Burnett Sport and Recreational Infrastructure and Strategic Plan will soon be released for public consultation.

The strategic plan will be a guide investment into parks, recreation and open space managements over the next 10 years, to help council accurately plan for any relevant expenditures.

Councillor Ros Heit said, during the council meeting on October 10, talk of the proposal had caused a lot of angst in the community.

She encouraged the community to go through the big document in detail, so they can provide their thoughts on the long term plan.

"We do want to get it right,” Cr Heit said.

The community feedback will be received via written submissions by 4.30pm on Wednesday November 7.

Councillor Terry Fleischfresser said it was important to gain up to date information about the sport and recreational assets.

"We really ask the community for genuine, positive feedback, so we can address the final draft situation,” he said.

"The council have been very proactive in this area, in asking these reports to be compiled.”

Mayor Keith Campbell said any feedback received will be collated for consideration by management, and presented to Council for consideration and adoption next month.

The fact the points are written in the document, does not set them in concrete, as issues could arise in the future, he said.

"Some things could've been done better, hind sight is a great opportunity to reflect back upon it,” Cr Campbell said.

A comprehensive methodology has been implemented over the past 13 months to inform and develop the plan.

Initial consultations from the community have raised key issues such as the need for these spaces to cater to popular activities such as walking, recreational swimming, playing in the park, bushwalking, kayaking and fishing.

The community have already identified a lack of shade in South Burnett parks and open spaces, and a dissatisfaction with maintenance standards in parks, along pathways and the rail trail.

A lack of variety in play equipment revealed many parks only catered to toddlers and a lack of connectivity between pathways to key destinations for cyclists and walkers.

Additional walkways, bench seats and water bubblers were requested by the community to increase the use of parks and open spaces.

Council discussed the sport and recreational plan during community meetings in October, surveys with sport clubs and community groups, workshops, school visits, and have received almost 60 submissions.

The plan outlines additional policies to guide future decisions such as when to activate parks and open spaces with public artworks like murals, light projections on buildings and sculptures.

New policies will also guide any community or commercial use of council land, such as guiding individuals and groups on issues such as the approval and building on Council land, donating assets to council, the use by sporting bodies, welfare organisations and commercial businesses.

The plan will apply one of five classifications to existing parks and assets to determine future developments, upgrades and replacements.