NEWS: Traffic hold ups along the Bruce Highway, just before the Yabulu turnoff.
NEWS: Traffic hold ups along the Bruce Highway, just before the Yabulu turnoff.

Lawsuit after rear-end crash at Rocky to Gladstone roadworks

A DRIVER who was rear-ended by a truck at roadworks south of Rockhampton in 2017 has settled a lawsuit which was originally for more than $750,000.

A 57-year-old Gladstone man filed to sue QBE ­Insurance, the insurer of the driver who allegedly hit him.

The incident in question was on June 27, 2017 around 7.15am on the Bruce Hwy near the intersection of Magazine Rd and Oakey Creek Rd, Bajool.

The driver was travelling north in his Toyota Hilux and had stopped behind another vehicle at a portable traffic light displaying red.

According to the court documents there was a thick fog covering the area.

The driver of a Western Star truck was travelling behind the plaintiff and allegedly failed to see the stationary vehicles in front of him, hitting the rear of the Hilux.

As a result of the crash, the Hilux driver allegedly sustained a number of spinal injuries and aggravation to mild/early pre-existing degenerative spinal injuries, pelvic joint injury and soft tissue injuries to the right elbow, skull and chest.

It was claimed the truck driver failed to observe the speed control signs leading up to the roadworks, failed to operate the truck safely and failed to apply the brakes in time.

The plaintiff claimed $207,387 for past economic loss and $413,000 for future economic loss.

There was also $40,716 claimed for future medical expenses.

He claimed a total amount of $751,242.64 for damages.

The court documents were filed in April to the Rockhampton Supreme Court by Chris Trevor and Associates.

An offer to settle was filed on the same day.

The Morning Bulletin understands the matter has been settled and is not proceeding.