Trent Faunt with some of the Kenyan students who will benefit from a new school building.
Trent Faunt with some of the Kenyan students who will benefit from a new school building. Contributed

Lending a helping hand

KINGAROY resident Trent Faunt spent two weeks of his annual leave in Kenya helping to build schools as part of a project he has donated to.

Mr Faunt was concious of making donations to charities and wanted to avoid any of the ones which seek profit of any kind and found a friend he could help.

"My friend suggested I go over and help out and I had always wanted to go to Africa," Mr Faunt said.

"Everyone working there are solely volunteers and sponsors who are doing it out of the goodness of their hearts.

"They set achievable goals and when you get there and see it, you can tell it's a whole different ball game."

Mr Faunt said the Kingaroy community helped to build these new schools and educate the children without even knowing it.

"I decided to pass on a percentage of our profits on every sale to the project there," Mr Faunt said.

"But I also didn't want to just be someone who donates and leaves it at that.

"I wanted to do more."

Mr Faunt said a stand-out of the experience was upon first arriving and seeing for the first time with his own eyes what they had to work with.

"Meeting the kids and getting to help them was amazing," Mr Faunt said.

"We built all the structures they wanted and the school went from 30 students to 100."

The experience was one that changed Mr Faunt's perspective.

"It was everything I hoped it would be, if not more," Mr Faunt said.

"It helped change my mindset and was a positive impact on me, I hope to get more awareness of it out there."

Mr Faunt is now seeking some extra help to continue the good work.

"We are chasing sponsors for the new 70 plus children we now have, packages range from $5 to $30 a months."

If you wish lend a helping hand and be a sponsor you can contact Mr Faunt on 0435182188.