He lasted less than a week on probation.
He lasted less than a week on probation.

Less than a week on probation and he returns to crime

A TOOWOOMBA man regarded as a recidivist offender had been on probation for less than a week before returning to his offending ways.

Jamie Scott Weatherall had been placed on 18 months probation after appearing in Toowoomba Magistrates Court on July 3 after admitting to a string of dishonesty type offences, the same court heard.

However, just five days later, he had stolen property from a parked car in East Toowoomba and a bicycle from a residence in Kearneys Spring, police prosecutor Katherine Steele said.

He had then on July 26 smashed the window of a car parked on Jellicoe St, Newtown, from which he took a wallet containing $25 cash and bank cards, she said.

The 28-year-old's fingerprints had also been found inside a car entered in Harristown on June 19 from which a phone and wallet had been taken, the court heard.

Ms Steele said Weatherall had an eight-page criminal history which contained mainly property and dishonesty offences.

Weatherall pleaded guilty to all charges.

His solicitor Amber Acreman said she conceded her client had a "reasonably lengthy history" much of which was alcohol or drug fuelled.

Alcohol had been an issue for her client from an early age but since he had been in custody he had been able to get clean, Ms Acreman said.

Her client had spent 36 days in pre-sentence custody and submitted a period of parole so he could be closely supervised and drug tested, she said.

Magistrate Graham Lee declared the 36 days pre-sentence custody as time served and sentenced Weatherall to eight months in jail to be released on parole as of October 26 and ordered he pay restitution of $65.

Mr Lee ordered the stolen bike be forfeited to the crown.