Australian death-row prisoners Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran.
Australian death-row prisoners Andrew Chan and Myuran Sukumaran. Firdia Lisnawati, File

YOUR SAY: Let Bali Nine men live and continue their work

WELL done Indonesia.

You've done something most western countries can't do. And you've done it in a run down, backwater prison.

Indonesia, you've rehabilitated some of your most notorious prisoners. You've given them a reason to live. Incredibly, you've turned their lives around.

In dusty concrete rooms, somehow you've reformed them. And now, they in turn, are reforming those around them.

A magnificent and strange domino effect behind the rusted steel bars of Kerobokan prison.

A room that was allegedly a meth lab, run by the prisoners now houses teachers, computers, and facilitates one of the most important human traits...learning.

There are painters, under Myu, expressing themselves through art.

There is screen printing, a small business funding medical help for the prisoners. There are regular church services run by Andrew.

There are prisoners who are committed to changing, to turning their lives around.Indonesia, the very definition of prison, the very nature of prison, is meant to punish and deter. I get that. I agree. But shouldn't our goal alongside that, be to ultimately rehabilitate people? I think so. I really do. And by golly, you've done it. You have both punished and reformed them.

You've taken two stupid young boys and turned them into men who regret bitterly what they've done and are trying to make amends.Indonesia, these two young men have turned their lives around. Completely. They are trying to make a difference. The difference they've made to one of your most notorious prisons is immense.

These men aren't asking to walk free, but to continue the work they have started in the prison. To spend their lives behind bars in penance for their crimes. Rehabilitating as many people as they can, so that when these others walk free, they won't come back. You've rehabilitated these men. You've transformed them. Joko, I pray that your heart will change.