Lifting tackle left Brent Tate shaking for ten minutes

BADLY shaken Queensland winger Brent Tate says rugby league's power brokers owe it to young Newcastle forward Alex McKinnon and his shattered family to wipe lifting tackles from the game.

The North Queensland veteran who wears a  special protective neck brace after his career almost ended prematurely, revealed he'd  never felt so terrified after he was lifted into the air and tipped on his back by NSW rookie five-eighth Josh Reynolds during last night's 12-8 opening State of Origin loss to NSW in the 100th clash between the states.

"I'm going to say it again, we don't want to be sitting beside another player's hospital bed.  We've all got to take ownership of that. It's just too dangerous, It's terrible, it has to stop."

Tate said a line was drawn in the sand when McKinnon was left paralysed by a lifting tackle earlier this year, triggering a crackdown by the NRL on the danger throw.

"What are we just going to let them keep happening?" he pleaded.

"It would be disrespectful to him (McKinnon) not to do it (eradicate it from the game).

"Bloody hell, my opinion is it has to be rubbed out of our game, full stop.

Tate had a look of disbelief on his face when told by journalists that Reynolds had been charged with a grade two dangerous throw and would miss just two games with an early guilty.

Tate said the tackle left him shaking for 10 minutes.

"My legs were shaking for about 10 minutes after that. I don't think I've ever been so scared in a rugby league match," Tate said.

"I didn't know where I was. At the end of the day, we're trying to stamp this type of thing out. I haven't seen it, I just felt it. I was pretty shaken up by it all because I was in a position where I had no control of where I was going."

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Tate said the NRL needed to consider suspending players guilty of lifting tackles for longer periods regardless of the outcome of the tackle until players starting taking more ownership.

"Are they going to do it mate?" probably not," said Tate, still distressed and shaken up an hour after the game.

"Mate I've never been more frightened in all my life.

"Will they have the guts to do it? I don't think so."

Tate said his Cowboy's teammate Tariq Sims had been found guilty of a lifting tackle on Canberra'a Shaun Fensom at the weekend.

Sims used social media outlet Twitter before last night's Origin game to publicly apologise to Fensom for his dangerous tackle.

Meanwhile Tate said Queensland had come back from 1-0 before to win the Origin series and just had had to regroup for game two in Sydney next month.

"You don't win eight series in a row without having a bit of fight about you," he said.

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