Lisa Curry says Horton should have held his tongue

SUNSHINE Coast Olympic swimming great  Lisa Curry has weighed into the row between Australian gold medallist Mack Horton and his Chinese opponent Sun Yang.

Curry said Horton should have held his tongue about Yang's drug-cheating past until the end of the Games.

"He should have waited until after the Olympics," she told Channel 7.

"It just takes away the focus (from his gold medal-winning swim).

"He won't be the only one swimming against drug-cheats, but you can't make that the focus.

"I just hope Mack's not looking on social media."

Curry won 15 gold, seven silver and eight bronze international swimming medals, and is the only Australian swimmer to have held Commonwealth and Australian records in every stroke except backstroke.

Horton, who looks a little like Clark Kent and swims like Superman, is being hammered by Chinese online trolls after labelling their hero Sun Yang a 'drug cheat'.

The Chinese served a three month suspension in 2014 when he tested positive to a banned substance.

Yang declared he would have the last laugh.

'I am no friend of Mack Horton' - "I am the 1500m king!!"

The Aussie swimmer isn't the only person being trolled by Yang's supporters.

Twitter account user @_markhorton has also been sent several abusive messages, reported.

He has politely asked those trying to troll Mack Horton to forward their abuse to his official Twitter account.