Little Aussie surfing legend wows Ellen DeGeneres

AN 11-year-old little Aussie legend, who went viral after appearing on the Today show, is now wowing the world after getting a call from Ellen DeGeneres.

Surfing star Sabre Norris captured our hearts after appearing on Nine's Today talking about how if she won her next surfing competition she wanted to spend her prizemoney on doughnuts.

She left hosts Karl and Lisa in stitches when she told them her Olympic bronze-medalist dad Justin "was an athlete but now he's um... pretty fat".

During her sit down with Ellen, Sabre charmed the US audience with her bubbly personality and nonstop stories.

The well-known American host couldn't hide her amusement as Sabre told everyone she tried to surf "as much as I can but I have to do chores to do competitions".

"If I want to be a swimmer (like dad), I don't have to do any jobs, but if I want to be a surfer I've got to do this gnarly list of jobs," Sabre said.

She then went on to say her dad really wanted her to be a swimmer "but swimming sucks!".

"It's just really boring, you just watch a line, it's just... not fun," she said.

She explained to Ellen she "would die" to go to Las Vegas because "there must be a buffet in every single hotel".

"Like you can get Krispy Kreme doughnuts for breakfast and lava cake for breakfast and crab legs for breakfast," she exclaimed to the crowd.

"When I win a world title and I'm rich, I'm gonna go there to celebrate and I'm gonna eat whatever I want for breakfast, lunch and dinner."

As a parting gift Ellen gave the young star plane tickets to Las Vegas to stay at the Planet Hollywood resort as well as an additional $500 which set Sabre off screaming.

She was also given tickets to see her favourite singer Justin Bieber in Sydney.

- Originally published as Young Aussie surfer Sabre Norris charms Ellen DeGeneres on her hit US talkshow