South Burnett Times journalist Laura Blackmore.
South Burnett Times journalist Laura Blackmore. Elaelah Harley

Little fish out of water

IT'S hard to deny that sport is a uniting force.

Whether you're a keen athlete, a proud spectator or behind the barbecue, there is always something for everyone.

My parents used to charter my brother and I up and down the coast for various sporting engagements.

They spent countless weekends making sure we made it to our games and now as an adult I admire their dedication.

During my high school days my friends and I would also sign up to as many sporting gigs to score a couple of extra days off.

One time that even included a women's NRL carnival, although for most of the games I was tucked out on the wing.

As I entered my adulthood I unconsciously steered away from team sports and did more of my own thing such as running and surfing.

However, after moving to Kingaroy just two months ago, I have now been roped back into the camaraderie of team sport.

I somehow got pursued by one of my colleagues to go along to the South Burnett Saints AFL women's training session.

Now as the weekend approaches, I am going to be lacing up for my very first game of Aussie Rules.

Even though I am working on the weekend, I am hoping to run on for a few kicks (don't tell my boss!).

And not surprisingly, mum's last words were, "Make sure you wear a mouth guard.”