REPLAY: AIC rugby league Iona College v St Pat’s Shorncliffe


We experienced technical issues with the streams of the Iona College v St Patrick's College games yesterday. News Corp apologises for the inconvenience this caused to viewers expecting to watch the games live. You can find a full replay of the Opens above as well as years 9 and 10 below.

Iona College v St Patrick's College year 9:


Iona College v St Patrick's College year 10:


IONA College garnished a memorable day of bayside Rugby League when their First XIII beat St Patrick's College 30-6 on Saturday.

It was the first time Iona had hosted a full round of AIC's League in the historic first season of the competition on a day which saw Marist College Ashgrove beat St Edmund's 52-6 and Padua account for St Laurence's 40-6.

Iona took advantage of the one man overlap for most of the match to secure their win.

The shock sendoff of St Pat's fullback Will Boland (shoulder charge) threatened to turn the clash into a lopsided affair.

But trailing 16-0 at halftime St Pat's raised the tempo in attack and defence to challenge Iona.

Iona's power game was a feature, as was St Pat's speed and ball movement in the second half.

St Patrick's scored the first try of the second half to breathe life into the contest when centre Jett Spence scored from a grubber kick.

Immediately after that try St Pat's controlled possession for many many minutes forcing the Padua defence into overdrive.

It was a fantastic period of the match as Iona refused to yield when St Pat's sprayed the ball left and right and back again.

Ultimately Iona centre Charlie Kwock-Sun Barker snapped St Pat's momentum with a block busting tackle which forced a turnover. Iona then capitalised on possession, rolling up the field and never looked in danger of losing again.

Iona finished with a flurry of tries, with Knox-Sun Barker and Jayden Davison scoring.

Both Teams were like a couple of boxers sparring in the opening round as the teams felt each other out.

There was a splash of excitement when St Patrick's fullback Boland put his winger away but Iona's cover swamped the movement. Soon after Kwock-Sun Barker sparked the raid which led to the sendoff of Boland, who fouled with a shoulder charge on a supporting player.

Iona opened the scoring through winger Ned Barbara after his teammates had swept the ball in a left hand movement.

Fielding centres the size of forwards, Iona were a physical challenge all over the park when they carried the ball. St Patrick's tried to move them around by implementing a good kicking game but Iona's power game was hard to hold coming out of their territory.

St Patrick's back five and their dummy half Nesta Tutuont were threatening their opponent with speed but with a one man advantage it was a constant struggle.

Iona scored second through hulking centre Zaen Edmonds when he burrowed over and on the stroke of half time hooker Jackson Dobbs scurried his way beneath the posts.