ELECTION 2016: Three South Burnett divisions now declared

APRIL 1, 3PM: THREE divisions are now declared for the South Burnett Regional Council election.

Division 1 candidate Roz Frohloff is the latest to be declared by the Electoral Commission of Queensland.

She joins Division 4 newcomer Terry Fleischfresser and Division 6 incumbent Ros Heit on the next South Burnett council.

Division 2 and 3, and the mayoral spot, have still not been declared.

MARCH 29, 2.30PM: KEITH Campbell still looks most likely to be the next South Burnett mayor as counting for the local government election continues.

Today is the last day postal votes can be received, meaning the South Burnett should have a definitive result on its next council in the coming days.

Councillor Ros Heit will now definitely return to her Division 6 seat.

Her lead with 80% of the vote counted has made it impossible for rival Tom Nowack to win.

Only 200 votes separate Terry Fleischfresser and Andrew Saal in Division 4, while no candidate has a majority in Divisions 1, 2 and 3.

MARCH 22, 11AM: KEITH Campbell has increased his margin to more than 30% with nearly 16,000 votes counted in the South Burnett Regional Council mayoral race.

About 22,000 people are enrolled to vote in the South Burnett.

Results are also rolling in for surrounding divisions.

MARCH 22, 8.30AM: MAYORAL candidates remained steady as about 500 votes rolled in this morning.

Cr Keith Campbell retains the lead on 29.37%, with Sheena Lindholm, Damien Tessmann and Mike Brown trailing behind.

In Division 2, Gavin Jones had his leading margin in the first preference vote reduced slightly to 33.4%

MARCH 21, 11.30AM: PREFERENCES look set to decide the South Burnett Regional Council mayoral race.

Keith Campbell leads the poll on 29% with about 40% of the roll counted, but he's still a long way off the majority needed to be declared the victor.  

This is where your preferences become important if that is how you chose to vote.  

Following the end of the primary count, the second count will begin by excluding the candidate with the fewest votes and distributing their second preferences.  

Voters who did not provide a second preference will have their ballot set aside from the pool of formal votes, and a new majority is created.

If no candidate has a majority following the second count - almost a certainty looking at the current figures - a second candidate will be removed from contention and have their preferences redistributed.  

This process continues until one of the candidates has a majority.  

Did you number preferences in the South Burnett Regional Council election?

This poll ended on 21 April 2016.

Current Results





This is not a scientific poll. The results reflect only the opinions of those who chose to participate.

Three candidates - Damien Tessmann, Sheena Lindholm and Mike Brown - are all trailing but still have at least 20% of the first preferential vote.  

It means the candidate voters selected as their number two choice could dramatically alter the result - especially when one of those candidates is eliminated from the race.

 However the preferences flow, the South Burnett will have to wait a while for a definitive result. Postal votes will continue to come in throughout the next 10 days.  

According to the Electoral Commission of Queensland, the South Burnett won't know who its next mayor is until at least March 29.

Based on the latest polling figures released by the ECQ, preferences will also be vital in Division 1, Division 2 and Division 3.  

No candidate has formed a majority from first preferences in any of these divisions.

MARCH 20, 2.30PM:  DIVISION 3 contender Danita Potter says she is not getting her hopes up on a South Burnett councillor position, even though she leads with 32.79% of the vote and 40.98% of the roll counted. 

"It's still early days," she said. 

"It sounds and feels positive, but I don't want to get prematurely excited."






Division 1 candidate Roz Frohloff said she was "stoked" to be in the lead in her division with 49.36% of the vote and 42.92% of the roll counted. 

"I didn't think I would have that much of a lead, if  I do get in, I hope I do everybody who voted for me proud," she said. 

The results from the election are still yet to be updated from 10pm last night. 

MARCH 20, 1.15PM: Counting was set to resume this morning but results for the South Burnett Regional Council election are yet to be updated and remain unchanged from 10pm last night.

The South Burnett Times has contacted returning officer Graeme Gillanders for an update on the count and is waiting for a response.

MARCH 19, 10PM: Counting for the South Burnett Regional Council Election has finished for the night and will resume tomorrow.

The current figures:

  • 8993 votes counted
  • 8634 of these were formal
  • 359 were informal (3.99%)
  • 24 of 75 booths are in
  • Keith Campbell leads the mayoral race with 29.29% of the vote (2529 votes)
  • 473 votes behind him is Sheena Lindholm on 23.81% (2056 votes)
  • Roz Frohloff leads Division 1 on 49.36% (with 42.92% of the roll counted)
  • Gavin Jones leads Division 2 on 34.47% (with 36.11% of the roll counted)
  • Danita Potter leads Division 3 on 32.79% (with 46.79% of the roll counted)
  • Terry Fleischfresser leads Division 4 on 53.59% (with 41.5% of the roll counted)
  • Ros Heit leads Division 6 on 62.05% (with 40.98% of the roll counted)
  • No council positions have been declared by the Electoral Commission Queensland

See below for a full run down of the current election results in the graphs below.

MARCH 19, 9.30PM: 

With the count taking a break, here are the current leaders for each division:

Division 1: Roz Frohloff (49.36%), 1475 formal votes counted.

Division 2: Gavin Jones (34.47%), 12

85 formal votes counted.

Division 3: Danita Potter (32.42%), 1431 formal votes counted.

Division 4: Terry Fleischfresser (54.31%), 731 votes counted.

Division 6: Ros Heit (62.05%), 1494 formal votes counted.

Mayor: Keith Campbell (28.13%), 7511 formal votes counted.

SATURDAY, 9PM: Mayoral candidates are still holding out hope for a swing in their favour as the count continues.

Cr Damien Tessmann said he was still waiting for pre polling results to come in.

"It's not looking flash," he said.

"I'm a bit deflated under the circumstances."

Mike Brown said he had seen some results but was positive.

"It's only a third of the votes, it's not too bad so far, we will wait until it's all counted," he said.

Sheena Lindholm said she was than

kful that some many people had so much confidence in her.

"Looking forward to the results coming in, in the next couple of days," she said. 

More than 7500 results have been counted.

Counting finishes for the night at 10pm.


Here are the current leaders per division:

Division 1: Roz Frohloff (49.36%), 1475 formal votes counted.

Division 2: Gavin Jones (38.47%), 629 formal votes counted.

Division 3: Danita Potter (32.47%), 1423 formal votes counted.

Division 4: Terry Fleischfresser (54.13%), 726 votes counted.

Division 6: Ros Heit (62.05%), 1494 formal votes counted.

Mayor: Keith Campbell (28.13%), 7498 formal votes counted.

SATURDAY, 8PM: Cr Keith Campbell was anticipating a tight race, but said things already looked encouraging.

"At this point in time I am feeling quite comfortable, a lot of the results coming in suggest I am travelling pretty well," Cr Campbell said.

"It doesn't surprise me that those campaigning to get rid of the road levy would do well."

Cr Campbell currently leads with 28.6% after 5700 formal votes counted.

He said he believed the South Burnett would know 

who their next mayor would be by 8.30pm.

Sheena Lindholm trails behind Cr Campbell with 23.96% of the vote.

SATURDAY, 7.15PM: The first results for Division 1, 2 and 3 have been released.

Roz Frohloff, Gavin Jones and Stan Corbett are leading in their division.

Keith Campbell continues to lead the mayoral vote.

SATURDAY, 7PM: Keith Campbell continues to lead the South Burnett mayoral race with 28.66% of the vote.

Damien Tessmann trails on 24.51% with 963 formal votes counted.

Ros Heit has a comfortable 72.9% of the vote after 107 formal votes counted.

SATURDAY, 6.45PM: With the first poll numbers in for the South Burnett Regional Council election, Keith Campbell is leading the mayoral race.

Cr Campell has 32.15% of the vote with 311 formal votes counted.

He is followed by Mike Brown, Damien Tessmann, Sheena Lindholm and Grant Newson.

These are results from Division 5 and 6.

SATURDAY, 6PM: THE polls are closed and counting has started for the 2016 South Burnett Regional Council election.

Follow the live graphs below for results as they are released by the Electoral Commission Queensland.

FULL RESULTS: http://results.ecq.qld.gov.au/elections/local/LG2016/groupIndex.html