Livingstone plans for the region’s future

LIVINGSTONE’S vision for the future could be described as ‘high level’ but the vision is structured to reflect the region’s unique characteristics.

Livingstone Shire Council yesterday released the Livingstone Community Plan: Towards 2050.

The plan incorporates four values the community holds dear including leadership, collaboration, equity and respect.

The plan is the culmination of months of community consultation and engagement activities.

Council staff engaged with and listened to more than 2,000 community members.

Livingstone mayor Bill Ludwig said this strategic document captured the community’s vision for the future of the region and would ensure decision-making and advocacy activities could be guided and informed with a community perspective.

“The Livingstone Community Plan: Towards 2050 defines how the community would like see the Capricorn Coast Region develop over the next 30 years and is a true ‘whole-of-community’ plan that captures a shared vision for the future of our region.

Livingstone graphic
Livingstone graphic

“The vision, values, themes, and goals outlined in the plan reflect desires for long-term sustainable growth and sets out many of the priorities for the future that were captured through the extensive community engagement process.

“The views put forward will assist and guide both the present and future councils in making choices in line with the whole of community vision for the future of the Capricorn Coast region outlined in the ‘Towards 2050’ community plan,” Cr Ludwig said.

The plan includes some of the comments and suggestions put forward by community members including a community centre with space for arts and performances and a co-working space to encourage gig economy workers to choose the region.

Another stressed the need “to continue to utilise and promote the LSC region as a tourist destination. The more tourists, the more visitors will realise how great our region is and in turn spend more money in the local businesses”.

Other suggestions included supporting small business owners, more variety in cultural offering, incentives for sustainable housing and development, stringent recycling at Landfill Gate and more frequent recycling collection, combating climate change, maintaining the natural beauty of the coastline, and many more.

Deputy mayor Nigel Hutton said council was encouraged by the level of community participation with more than 2000 locals having their say on shaping the future of the region through a range of community engagement and consultation activities.

“The community has clearly outlined its vision for the Capricorn Coast region, with a focus on developing a balance between maintaining and protecting our beautiful natural environment and laid-back lifestyle alongside making this area a great place to live and work through jobs growth, business opportunities and the necessary infrastructure to support our growing community for generations to come,” he said.

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