BOWLS: Tony Marshall playing lawn bowls in Kingaroy. Photo: Jessica McGrath
BOWLS: Tony Marshall playing lawn bowls in Kingaroy. Photo: Jessica McGrath

Local bowls clubs to hold off on competitive games

BOWLS clubs across the South Burnett have been told to hold off on competitive lawn bowls games until the second round of restrictions ease.

In a media release from Bowls Queensland the Chief Health Officer Dr Jeannette Young said bowls clubs are included in the community facilities category.

“Groups of up to 10 patrons can be present at community facilities, this is across the entire premises or venue,” Dr Young said.

“Some community facilities have large outdoor areas with multiple fields, courts or greens that could maintain more than 10, however please maintain up to 10 patrons for the entire premise.”

Kingaroy Bowls Club president Trevor Turner said it’s frustrating seeing they have the room to have more patrons.

“I was initially hoping we might be able to have 10 on each green and 10 at the bar, however that is not the case,” Turner said.

“Clubs are allowed up to 10 patrons for a roll up, however we are going to wait until we are allowed at least 20.

“Without having people stop in for meals and drinks at the bar, it’s not really viable for us.”

Wondai Country Club secretary Evan O’Rourke said they have had a number of players come down for a social roll.

“We have reopened our greens and had a number of players come down for a role over the weekend,” O’Rourke said.

“Not having players come and play over the past two months has impacted the club financially, however we are still doing all right.

“We are following the road map to recovery and awaiting further direction from Bowls Queensland, however are making the most of the easing restrictions.”

Glen Trevor from the Nanango Bowls Club said opening the green for 10 players was not viable.

“We don’t do meals so that doesn’t worry us, however having the bar closed and green open for 10 players is not viable,” Trevor said.

“Bowls Queensland said we are allowed to have social rolls, however organised games can’t happen until hopefully the second stage of easing restrictions.

“It has been pretty straining on the club with no money coming in and ongoing costs like running the cold rooms, however hopefully it won’t be for to much longer.”