Telstra Manager Jason Koy holding the Vita Store of the Year award
Telstra Manager Jason Koy holding the Vita Store of the Year award Elaelah Harley

Local business wins Australia store of the year

TELSTRA managers from all across Australia travelled down to Melbourne to attend the company's annual Advantage Conference last week, where Kingaroy was awarded store of the year.

After the Kingaroy team won Queensland's Telstra awards last month, they were then nominated for the Vita Store of the Year award, the major award of the Advantage Conference.

Competing against approximately 110 Telstra stores nationwide, Kingaroy manager Jason Koy feels elated about coming home with a win.

"The winner is decided through a judging panel, judged by sales and service over the financial year.

"We were lucky enough to be chosen, and we worked really hard to exceed our sales targets, as well as provide exceptional customer service through the whole process," Mr Koy said.

Though the Kingaroy team knew they were receiving a nomination, they weren't aware of which kind.

"I knew we were going to get nominated, I didn't know what for exactly, but store of the year is massive.

"I had to say some words in front of about 2000 people, and to be honest, it brought me to tears. I'm very, very proud of all the guys here, and the support I have from above me as well," he said.

Mr Koy believes the store's customer service is what pushed them through.

"Customer service is something we pride ourselves on. It's sort of my baby as such, I've been doing it for 18 years now so for me, customer service comes first," he said.

Securing such a high achievement, Jason and the Kingaroy store are motivated to keep improving their standard.

"It's always going to be a challenge to continue improving, because we want to exceed everyone's expectations all the time.

"We really aim to provide that exceptional customer service every time someone walks into the store, and we do what we can to make that happen, so we'll continue to do that," he said.