Apple wireless AirPods could finally get a wireless charging upgrade early next year. Picture: Josh Edelson
Apple wireless AirPods could finally get a wireless charging upgrade early next year. Picture: Josh Edelson

Changes to Apple’s ‘greatest product’

A LONG awaited update to Apple AirPods - the tech giant's wireless earbuds - is rumoured to be just around the corner.

Apple will release an upgraded model of its AirPods with a Bluetooth spec upgrade and "wireless charging support" in the first quarter of 2019, according to the often accurate Apple analyst Ming-Chi Kuo.

From the sounds of it, it could be the wireless charging case Apple touted in September 2017 when the company announced its now delayed AirPower charging mat.

In a note seen by Apple Insider, the analyst also claimed another product update that involved a more substantial redesign of the AirPods is currently on track to launch in early 2020. That revision will have an unspecified "all-new design," Kuo said.

It's been two years since Apple debuted its much-loved AirPods, which were voted by customers surveyed last year as one of the best products Apple has ever made.

But there has been no indication from the company about a second generation AirPod product, leading many to speculate lately about when the wireless earbuds would get a major update.

A software update rolled out last year for AirPods addressed a common issue faced by users who found it easy to misplace the small gadgets. The Find My AirPods update allowed users to make them beep when looking for them around the home.

With the arrival of the iPhone 8 and iPhone X last year, Apple introduced wireless charging to its devices. The technology means you can rest your iPhone on a charging pad and not have to plug it in to juice the battery.

To date, Apple has relied on third party products to provide this capability.

But Apple has promised to be able to charge your iPhone, Apple Watch and AirPods on a single mat called the AirPower. However a year after announcing it, the company has gone silent on the initiative, prompting speculation it is backing away from the device.

If you can't wait for Apple, there are creative third party solutions out there which provide wireless charging for your AirPod case.

Apple doesn't comment on product speculation but if the latest projections about wireless charging coming to AirPods are true, it could signal that the company is making progress on this front. If so, it's likely Apple fans won't have to wait much longer for a new and improved pair of AirPods.

As Apple Insider pointed out, Kuo was one of the first to get details about the AirPods correct but has missed on a couple of recent projections. Late last year he was expecting an improved model to debut in the second half of 2018, which has not materialised.