Generic image of an Ergon Energy bill.
Generic image of an Ergon Energy bill. Contributed

Looking behind your energy bill

IN A world relying on electrical appliances, it's important to consider how much electricity your home actually uses.

According to Red Energy, the total energy your house uses can be averaged based on what your home conditions are like.

This takes factors like household size, type, lifestyle and energy mix into consideration.

Depending on the circumstances, Red Energy shows how one's energy use can range from 2500 kWh per year to just over 15,000 kWh per year.

But how is this all broken down?

Ergon Energy statistics show how air conditioning and home heating uses 40 per cent of a home's energy use, which is the largest single contributor to your bill.


This is followed by water heating at 21 per cent, and then appliances such as computers and consoles using 15 per cent.

If you're wanting to cut down an electricity bill, often you'll have to look into cutting your energy use in these categories.

However, with hot summers and cold winters, that might be an ask.

It's also impractical to cut away computer use for the sake of your bill, as sometimes in a modern world, computers can be a requirement.

In a research journal titled Australian Students in a Digital World by Sue Thomson, statistics show how 87 per cent of students reported having to use a computer at home for school.

With little opportunities to cut electricity costs, it might be a good idea to look into other electricity options, like solar energy systems.