South Burnett Times Journalist Madeline Grace. Photo: Elaelah Harley
South Burnett Times Journalist Madeline Grace. Photo: Elaelah Harley

Looking out for the positives

BEING cooped up at home during this pandemic has proved a struggle, however new traditions and hobbies have given me hope.

Writing about and hearing about the ongoing threats of coronavirus has at times been overwhelming, stressful, and anxiety inducing for me and many others I know.

I’m not used to staying home so much.

Usually I’m off here and there having dinner with friends, and catching a movie with another.

Then I’d head to the family farm in Condamine on a weekend, to see friends at the beach on the Sunshine Coast, or to visit my boyfriend in Brisbane.

Coronavirus and the pandemic has forced me to spend more time at the house I rent in Kingaroy.

I’m incredibly fortunate to really like where I live.

The house is lovely and my housemates are close friends.

I can’t imagine how much more stressful staying home would be if this wasn’t the case.

My housemates and I have found ourselves home every afternoon, night, and weekend with very little to do.

Which has actually been a blessing in disguise.

We now have dinner together nearly every night, and take turns at cooking.

There’s just something so much more rewarding about cooking for others.

We’ve invested in board games, card games, and trivia games.

These games have become an after dinner staple in our household.

We’re very lucky to live near the rail trail and have been making more use of this than ever before.

We’ve been walking my housemate’s puppy every afternoon and have witnessed some stunning South Burnett sunsets.

But the new hobby I’m most excited about is our new-found love for plants and gardening.

We’ve started up a little herb garden and our living room could easily be mistaken for a greenhouse.

It brings me so much joy seeing our plants flourish as we tend to and care for them daily.

I’m truly thankful to have discovered our love for gardening and new green thumbs.