The koala that was nicknamed
The koala that was nicknamed "Fred" looked content when he was released back into the wild. Photo Contributed Contributed

Lost koala returns home

A KOALA got himself in trouble, getting lost in suburban Nanango.

Neale Ambler, the South Burnett volunteer for the Sunshine Coast Koala Rescue, got a call last Wednesday night reporting a scared-looking koala in Nanango.

"He was in a pine-type tree in Alfred St, just about 200 yards from where I live," Mr Ambler said.

According to Mr Ambler it was quite rare for a koala to wander into such a populated area.

"This is only the second time I've had that," he said.

Mr Ambler contacted the "koala ambulance" from the Sunshine Coast.

"It was a treeline rescue and I don't have the equipment to get up there safely," he said.

"He got a bit scared and was just in the wrong place."

The koala was assessed by professionals and given a clean bill of health.

If anyone spots a koala in trouble or that needs relocating from a suburban area in the South Burnett region, contact Mr Ambler on 0403 971 701.


UPDATE: South Burnett Times community contributor Maxine Whitbread also saw the lost koala and shared with us her story...

Parents and carers arrived on Wednesday, August 6th, expecting the usual quiet kindy pick up and were greeted with the excited babble and upturned faces of the local kindy children. 

What was the cause of all this excitement?  A koala had decided to make a guest appearance in one of the trees at the front entrance of the kindy.

"Look mummy" said 3 year old Eleanor Whitbread "it is a koala in the tree". 

Eleanor went on to point at the koala so her little brother, Aidan, could have a look.

"We have never had a koala visit in the 22 years that I have worked at the kindy", said Julie Timms, Director of the kindy in Gipps Street, Nanango. 

No-one saw the arrival of the koala so it is a mystery as to when it got up the tree. 


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