Lung disease volunteers wanted for trial study

QUEENSLAND doctors are calling for volunteers with chronic lung disease to enrol in one of the country's largest chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD) trials conducted in a GP and specialist setting.

The Glisten COPD Study involves more than 100 GP and specialist investigators across 54 sites nationwide, 17 of which are in Queensland.

The trial is designed to examine a new medication for COPD, which affects about 119,500 Queenslanders.

According to Brisbane-based GP and study co-ordinator Dr Sarah van Staden, the trial is designed to investigate the improvement in quality of life by a range of medications available to those living with the serious, debilitating and progressive disease.

"COPD is a life-threatening lung disease that causes severe shortness of breath and persistent coughing," said Dr van Staden.

"COPD is a major cause of death in Australia, ranking sixth among the common causes of death in Australian men and women.

"Unfortunately, the disease, which includes emphysema and chronic bronchitis, is significantly under-diagnosed and under-treated."

Dr van Staden said many people who were living with COPD were unaware they had the disease.