A young Mackay man has pleaded not guilty to rape allegations on Anzac Day 2019.
A young Mackay man has pleaded not guilty to rape allegations on Anzac Day 2019. Luke Mortimer

Mackay Anzac Day rape allegations

A YOUNG Mackay man has refuted Anzac Day rape allegations, pleading not guilty at the first mention in court.

The 23 year old fronted Mackay Magistrates Court for the first time on Monday when the single charge was formally read aloud.

As he was about to take his place at the left of the bar table beside his solicitor, a man from the gallery told him good luck and squeezed his shoulders.

"You're charged that April 25, 2019 at (location) you raped a victim... I won't name the victim," Magistrate Mark Nolan said.

It is alleged the offending happened in a suburb towards Mackay's south.

His solicitor Geoff Govey told the court his client would be fighting the charge.

"Do you formally want to enter a plea to the charge?" Mr Nolan asked the accused man.

The young man replied: "Yes your honour ... not guilty."

Mr Govey said he was seeking the police brief of evidence.

The maximum penalty for rape is life imprisonment and due to the seriousness of the charge the case must go to the Mackay District Court.

It is not uncommon for people facing serious charges to only enter a plea once the case has reached the higher court.

The court heard the young man was on bail.

His conditions included a no contact and restraining order preventing him from going within 100 metres of any alleged victims.

Under Queensland law the young man's identity cannot be revealed until the case is committed to the higher court, and only then if naming him will not identify the complainant.

Mr Nolan ordered the brief of evidence to be provided by in early August. The case will be mentioned again two weeks later.