Data from Suncorp shows the Bruce Highway in Mackay is a traffic hot spot. FILE PICTURE
Data from Suncorp shows the Bruce Highway in Mackay is a traffic hot spot. FILE PICTURE Marc Stapelberg

REVEALED: Where you are most likely to crash in CQ

A MACKAY road has been named the number one "hot spot" in Central Queensland for injury-causing car accidents.

Insurance company Suncorp analysed hundreds of Compulsory Third Party insurance claims made between 2013 - 2018 within Mackay, Rockhampton, Gladstone, Yeppoon to determine accident hotspots.

Our section of the Bruce Highway received top spot followed by Gladstone's Dawson Highway.

According to data collected by the Department of Transport and Main Roads there were 239 crashes on the Bruce Highway between Rockhampton and Townsville during 2017. Eighteen of these were fatal and 154 of the crashes required patients to be transported to hospital.

A Suncorp statement said considering the volumes of traffic at peak times, having these two major highways top the list was "unsurprising".

It also revealed nose-to-tail and intersection collisions are most common types of accidents and that the morning is the most dangerous time to be on the road.

QLD Road Fatalities 2001-2016

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Malcomson, Gordon, and Sydney Streets as well as Sams Road were also listed as injury causing traffic crash hot sports.

Suncorp spokesperson Ashleigh Paterson said busy stretches of road with high volumes of traffic and intersections cause congestion, making injury causing crashes more likely.

"Roads with high crash volumes have vehicles crossing lanes at multiple intersections, stopping and starting due to congestion, combined with the morning rush, so any lapse in concentration can lead to an accident," she said.

Central Queensland's 20 worst roads:


Bruce Highway

Malcomson Street

Gordon Street

Sydney Street

Sams Road


Bruce Highway

Moores Creek Road

Denham Street

Yaamba Road

Fitzroy Bridge


Dawson Highway

Bramston Street

Breslin Street

Phillip Street

Gladstone Mount Larcom Road


Tanby Road

Scenic Highway

Mount Rae Road

Queen St & Arthur St Intersection

Cordingley & Whitman Streets Intersection