Madonna banned from US cinema chain

MADONNA has been banned from the Alamo Drafthouse Cinema chain of cinemas in the US after reportedly texting up a storm at the premiere of  12 Years A Slave at the New York Film Festival.

The Girl Gone Wild hitmaker is no longer welcome at the Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas, founded in Austin, Texas, after reportedly texting up a storm at the premiere.

Alamo founder and CEO Tim League tweeted: "Until she apologises to movie fans, Madonna is banned from watching movies @drafthouse."

He also posted a link to a report that the 55-year-old singer lashed out after a fellow audience member called her out for texting during the screening and allegedly said: "It's for business... enslaver."

Alamo Drafthouse Cinemas is famous for its strict policy of requiring its customers to maintain proper etiquette.

Mr League later told his Twitter followers he was only joking about the ban but has now confirmed Madonna won't be allowed into his cinemas.

He told's Inside Movies: "Yeah, I'm serious, but I don't think it really affects her life that much."

His initial tweet was an "offhand joke, a spur of the moment 140 characters" and was "more of a means to get the issue out there, that it is rude to text during movies."

He added: "But now that it seems to have taken hold, sure, I'm going to enforce it."