The jailed man says his conviction and sentence for armed robbery was wrong. (File)
The jailed man says his conviction and sentence for armed robbery was wrong. (File) MaxPixel

'Mafia' claims surface in Ipswich armed robbery appeal

A CONVICTED armed robber says he is wrongly in jail after a witness repeatedly lied about a range of issues including "mafia” debts.

The famed crime syndicate's Russian and Chinese counterparts were mentioned on Wednesday when Peter Joseph Carlyle said he was stitched up over a Goodna robbery.

Carlyle was jailed last September over the 2015 heist.

He told Queensland Court of Appeal this week "there wasn't even a gun produced” and a witness who testified against him was a serial liar.

"I just don't understand these lies and these false accusations,” Carlyle told the court.

Representing himself, Carlyle said the witness lied about owing money to the "Chinese mafia” or "Russian mafia”.

He said the witness initially made the mafia claim to police, then recanted.

Carlyle told the appeal court he never denied being in a car allegedly used during the robbery, but he also never produced a gun.

He told the appeal court a timeline of his activities produced at trial was nonsensical.

Justice Robert Gotterson said Carlyle's appeal was about evidence adduced at his jury trial.

He said Carlyle's position was that the jury's verdict was unreasonable.

The armed robbery happened in Goodna on January 15, 2015.

Police at the time said a man entered a Mill St business, approaching a worker before producing what seemed to be a firearm, then taking property and cash.

On September 14 last year, Carlyle was given three years and six months jail, with parole eligibility fixed at June 8, 2019.

Carlyle was appealing against both his sentence and his conviction.

The appeal court reserved its decision and will publish its judgment at a later date. -NewsRegional