John Whitley and Nigel Squibb are getting excited for the first Maidenwell Country Muster
John Whitley and Nigel Squibb are getting excited for the first Maidenwell Country Muster The Sauce Man

Maidenwell Country Muster's a benefit to the Burnett

AUSTRALIA'S newest country muster is coming to Maidenwell and you won't want to miss it.

Held on May 11 with an encore breakfast on May 12, people from near and far are sure to flock to the first Maidenwell Country Muster.

John Whitley and Nigel Squibb, leased owners of the Maidenwell Trading Post and The Sauce Man, are the creators of the anticipated event.

"We're trying to create the entire country experience. Not only will there be music, but there'll also be camping, and people can utilise the South Burnett region. That's something we're working very hard on,” Mr Squibb said.

"There's a lot of things to do and see in the area, so we're looking at it as a regional opportunity. Using local accommodation, going shopping and enjoying the region are all really big parts of the muster.”

Mr Squibb said their title of 'Australia's newest country muster' will help to bring in crowds.

"People are learning a bit of respect for the word country muster,” he said.

"There are lot of other concerts out there, but there's a big difference between a concert and a muster, and between a muster and a country muster. We're certain more people will want to see what it's like.”

Mr Whitley and Mr Squibb are hoping the Maidenwell Country Muster will put the South Burnett on the map.

"We hope that it becomes recognised as a Destination Queensland event in the future, but this year we've been very fortunate to secure the acts that we have. We had six acts that were nominated with national awards, and this gave our event a lot of credibility,” Mr Squibb said.

For such talented entertainment, tickets cost only $100 at the gate, but before if you purchase them online before May, you'll get 20 per cent off.

"It's going to be a great time,” Mr Squibb said.